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What's New
Nestlé controversy a fresh water wakeup call
The Star (10/12)
The ongoing water controversy between the community of Guelph, Ontario, and the Nestlé water bottling plant has thrown the issue of water access and availability into the spotlight.

Council protests diversion of Great Lakes
SaultOnline (9/12)
In Ontario, the Sault Sainte Marie city council will issue a protest to the diversion of water from the Great Lakes for Waukesha, Wisconsin.

$1.5M campaign to protect land along Pere Marquette River
The Associated Press (8/3)
The Land Conservancy of West Michigan has launched a 3-year, $1.5 million campaign to protect land along the Pere Marquette River.

Mentor Lagoons face turbulent future; development options explored
The Plain Dealer (5/27)
In Ohio, a report for City Hall explores options for the future of the municipal Mentor Lagoons, including conservation easements, privatization and homes, which could displace some docks.

Land donation to Indiana Dunes, National Lakeshore celebrated
Chicago Tribune (5/26)
An array of officials from NIPSCO, the National Park Trust and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore came together to celebrate the dedication of 37 acres of land in two parcels.

Gary's 'green' projects to slow water runoff
The Post-Tribune (5/2)
Gary, Ind., will use a $250,000 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Shoreline Cities grant on green infrastructure projects.

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Chilipepper Appliance
This company produces a pump for residential use that brings hot water from the existing water heater to plumbing fixtures quickly.

Be Water Wise! - Weather-based Irrigation Technology
Contains a list of product manufactures for weather-based irrigation control for residential and small commercial sites.

Beautiful Lawns and Gardens through: Water Efficient Landscaping
Publication in PDF format that presents a step-step method to developing water efficient landscapes.

Designer’s Notebook: Water-Meter Selection and Sizing
The types of meter for residential connections that are available.

Do Low-flow Toilets Work? Performance Testing of Toilet Models Popular in the United States and Canada

ET and Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

Federal Technology Alert: Domestic Water Conservation Technologies
This Federal Technology Alert focuses on water-efficient domestic technologies, products, and appliances.

Flow, Water Meters Supplier’s Directory
Directory of 97 companies that fabricate water flow meters

GREENCulture: Water Conservation
Displays products related to or including rain barrels, yard and garden, water filter, shower filters, water heaters, watersaver toilets, etc.

Hammarby Sjöstad Progject
This is a case study on the application of water efficient technology in an urban redevelopment project in Sweden.

High Efficiency Clothes Washers

Laundrywise: Apartment Common Area Laundry Rooms Save Water
Presents the benefits of common area laundry rooms with fact sheets and published studies, as well as guidance toward retrofitting laundry rooms.

Leakage Control through Innovation
This company provides specialist water leak detection equipment, pressure controllers and loggers to manage leakage in water supply networks.

Niagara Flapperless Toilet
Presents a model of a water efficient toilet.

Pre-Rinse Spray Valves: Are a Success!

Product News Technical Information
Contains studies on water-efficient toilets in PDF format, plumbing standards and manufacturer links.

Terry Love’s consumer toilet reports: a report on low flow water efficient toilets
This website reviews 21 flush toilets in great detail.

The National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure: Best Practices in Potable Water
Published best practices are downloadable from this website and cover a wide range of topics.

Toilet Testing Report Studies done on water efficient toilets
Several tests and studies evaluating the performance of various models of low-flush toilets are accessible from this website in PDF format.

Turf and Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices
This paper includes 5 BMPs that address the quality, design, installation, maintenance, and management of irrigation systems.

Using Graywater in Your Home Landscape: Graywater Guide
This guide was prepared to help homeowners and landscape and plumbing contractors design, install and maintain graywater systems.

Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS)
The Australian government, in collaboration with state and territory governments is introducing a Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme.

Water Pipeline Rehabilitation Method Fact Sheet

Water-Efficient Products Market Enhancement Program
The U.S. EPA is specific steps toward advancing a national, voluntary, market-based program for promoting water-efficient products.

Whole Building Design Guide: Protect and Conserve Water
This web-based portal provides government and industry practitioners with information on a wide range of building-related guidance, criteria and technology from a 'whole buildings' perspective.

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A Primer on Fresh Water: Questions and Answers
A Primer on Fresh Water was put together to answer a wide range of question on water resources management.

Be Water Wise!
Summarizes various presentations, classroom materials, curriculum guides on water conservation and management for the classroom.

Cleaner Water Through Conservation
An explanation about the relationship between the quantity of water and its quality and discussion of how developing water-use efficiency programs.

Education and Awareness
Describes the water efficiency education and awareness programs of the Region of Waterloo

Florida’s Water - It’s Worth Saving
Provides residential water user with 12 ways to save water both outdoors and indoors.

Groundwater Primer
This computer program presents the basic concepts of groundwater, the contaminants that can affect water quality, and activities that an individual or community can do to help protect and conserve groundwater.

An internet-based teaching resource to educate students about the importance of water, and to impart the urgent need to manage this most precious natural resource.

H2OUSE Water Saver Home
A visual tour around different rooms in the house to investigate water saving opportunities.

Learning to be Waterwise
The program teaches about the water cycle and explores sources, uses and the conservation of water.

Living Water: The weak link
A school curriculum that explores the problems involved when people compete for a limited resource.

Michigan Project WET
Describes the Michigan Project WET program and contact information for the program coordinator.

Minnesota Project WET
Describes the state’s Pproject WET program and provides a downloadable poster on watershed flow, a sample Project WET activity and a list of upcoming events.

Ohio Water Education Program and Project WET Pages
Describes the Ohio Water Education and Project Programs and provides contact information.

Project WET
Project WET is a nonprofit water education program and publisher for educators and young people, ages 5-18. T

Project WET
Describes project WET activities in New York State including contests, curricula, and workshops.

Project WET Activities
The activity page describes activities to supplement the history lessons of how Illinois and the nation developed.

The majority of publications listed are educational including fact sheets and brochures.

Savingwater.org: Kids Page and Teacher Resources
Curricula, field trips, grants, educational material, presentations and videos/CDS are summarized. The kids page offers a variety of activities to learn about how the water cycle and conservation.

Software for Environmental Awareness: Residential Water Conservation Techniques
Downloadable from the U.S. EPA website, the animated software program shows effective ways to save water inside and outside the house.

Teacher’s Notes: Waste Water Watcher
Several educational activities that introduces water issues dealing with natural and human uses in PDF format.

Toiletology 101: Water Conservation
Generalized description of water conservation and its benefits.

Water Care
WaterCare consists of a Student Resource Book, Teacher's Guide, and Web Page focused on water conservation issues.

Water Education for Teachers and Students
An online guide to educational programs and resources offered by the Municipal Water District of Orange County

Water in the school
The website contains information for teachers and students to carry out a "real-life" Water Metering Project in your school.

Water Use it Wisely

Water: No Time to Waste - A consumer’s guide to water conservation

Custom-created teacher lesson plans for elementary, junior high, and high school integrate website content with classroom activities.

Thames Water has developed a range of resources to support the teaching and learning of water.

Wisconsin Project WET
Describes the Wisconsin Project WET Program and provides contact information.

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FogQuest: Sustainable Water Solutions
FogQuest is a non-profit, registered charity dedicated to planning and implementing water projects for rural communities in developing countries.

Global Water Partnership
The Global Water Partnership is to supports countries in the sustainable management of their water resources.

Stockholm International Water Institute
The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is a policy think tank that contributes to international efforts to combat the world's escalating water crisis.

Best Practice Water Conservation Principles: Reducing dependency on River Murray water (draft)
This draft guidance document in PDF format covers five best practice water conservation principles and methods to implement these principles.

Eurowaternet Quantity: Technical guidelines and implementation
The European Topic Centre on Water (ETC/WTR) has designed and tested an information and monitoring network, called Eurowaternet.

National Urban Water Efficiency
This page highlights the national initiatives in water conservations and provides nationwide statistics on water use as well as relevant links.

Savewater.com.au: Australia’s leading source on water conservation
This website provides independent expert advice and access to water conserving products, and presents case studies of water conservation.

Sustainable water use in Europe, Part 2: Demand management
This report, in PDF format, discusses sustainable water use in Europe and focuses on how the demand side of water management is being approached across Europe.

The World’s Water: Information on the World’s Freshwater Resources
The website is dedicated to providing up-to-date water information, data and web links to organizations, institutions, and a wide range of global freshwater programs and solutions.

Urban Water Resources Management
This website offers a range of information on global freshwater resources, water resources management, and water conservation activities.

Water Conservation Initiatives
The website presents information on detection and repair of hidden leaks; indoor retrofit program; Sydney Water’s business program; rainwater tank rebate program; washing machine rebate program; recycled water; Slow on the H2O campaign; and community education.

Water Pricing Seminar. Agencia Catalania des Agua/World Bank Institute. Barcelona, Spain, June 30-July 2, 2003: Papers
Conference papers on the price of water in various parts of world including Europe, Brazil, and Chile.

Water rand Rivers Commission
The Water and Rivers Commission assists in the protection and management Western Australia's water resources, including wetlands, rivers, estuaries, inlets and groundwater.

Water Resources: Savewater
This website provides information on Agency programs to help the management of water supplies and on water conservation for residents, businesses and institutions.

Water Wise website
This website contains information and practical ideas for saving water and programmatic information for "Save Water with the Royales," Wast Watch Business Network, water in schools; tips for the gardens; etc.

WaterSave: The Network for Water Conservation and Recycling
The overall aim of the WATERSAVE network is to establish a coherent, forward-looking UK academic community in the water conservation and recycling field and develop its interaction with industry and government. 

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Local Agencies
Thunder Bay

Regional Municipality of Halton


Richmond Hill


Region of Peel

Regional Municipality of Waterloo


York Region





Grand River Conservation Authority

Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority

Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

St. Clair Region Conservation Authority

Saugeen Conservation Authority

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Raisin Region Conservation Authority

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Long Point Region Conservation Authority

Lakehead Region Conservation Authority

Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority

Conservation Halton




Clean Water Action Council

Wisconsin Groundwater Guardian Program

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Ontario Ministry of Environment

Conservation Ontario

Water Forum
The Water Forum is a group of stakeholders, water managers, and local governments in the Sacramento Region that have joined to provide a reliable and safe water supply for the region's economic health and planned development to the year 2030; and preserve the fishery, wildlife, recreational, and aesthetic values of the Lower American River.

Upper San Pedro Partnership
The Partnership coordinates the identification, prioritization and implementation of comprehensive policies and projects to assist in meeting water needs of the Upper San Pedro River Basin.

Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona
The website contains information on programs and research initiatives, downloadable publications, and links to other resources.

Community Water Company of Green Valley
Provides water customers with personal consumption histories for the past 13 months in graphical format and articles related to water conservation.

Finger Lakes Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc.
As stewards of our soil and water resources as well as advocates of best management practices in the disciplines of agriculture and silviculture, the Council believes mankind can live in harmony with nature.

Draft Guide book to assist water suppliers, cities, and counties in integrating water and land use planning
The guide book is designed to provide step-by-step suggestions for an water assessment and an verification of sufficient water supply.

Effects of Metering on Residential Water Demand for the City of Davis, California (White Paper)
This project focuses on changes in customer water use resulting from installation of water meters on single family residential connections with subsequent conversion to a volumetric billing rate structure.

Green Gardener Certification Program for Santa Barbara County, California
This program offers education, training, certification and promotion of participating gardeners and landscape maintenance contractors to improve resource efficiency and reduce pollution.

Residential Indoor/Landscape Water Conservation

Savingwater.org: A service of your local water utility
This website is to assist water customers to reduce the amount of water used at home and work. It is sponsored by the Saving Water Partnership, a group of local utilities that fund water conservation programs in Seattle and King County.

Using Water Wisely
The website includes information on the following programs: toilet exchange, toilet rebate, high efficiency clothes washer rebate, residential landscape seminars, and professional landscape training classes.

Waste Not, Want Not: The Potential for Urban Water Conservation in California (Report)
This report takes a comprehensive look at residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial water use in California and evaluates the potential for reducing use through conservation efficiency.

Water Conservation Measures
Contains guidelines for water conservation planning for large, medium and small public water systems; water metering; water leak detection; conservation pricing in water rates; landscaping; water reuse and consumer education.

Water Conservation: Helping Our Customers Save Time and Money
The goal of the CCWD Water Conservation Program is to reduce long-term water demand by five percent of what it would have been without conservation measures. This website presents the elements to the program.

Water Use Efficiency Home
The Office of Water Use Efficiency (OWUE) provides support for the stewardship of California's water resources and energy efficient use of water.

Water Wise Gardens of California
Describes specific Water Wise Gardens in five California regions: Northern California, San Francisco Bay, Central California, Los Angeles and San Diego

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Federal Agencies
Building Technologies Program
Buildings information for homeowners, builders and designers, and public officials.

Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy and Money at Home

Federal Energy Management Program

Ontario Conserves/ConservAction Ontario

Public Awareness and Water Conservation Project

Urban Water Indicators: Municipal Water Use and Wastewater Treatment

Water Conservation

Water Conservation
The Bureau of Reclamation is a water management agency with a Strategic Plan outlining numerous programs, initiatives and activities that will help the Western States, Native American Tribes and others meet new water needs and balance the multitude of competing uses of water in the West.

Water Conservation/Efficiency

Water Efficiency Experiences Database

Water Use Efficiency Program
This we site provides an overview of EPA's Water Efficiency Program which is primarily concerned with municipal water use.

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Local Government Environmental Assistance Network
The Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN) provides environmental management, planning, funding, and regulatory information for local government.

American Water Resources Association (AWRA)
A non-profit professional, multidisciplinary association dedicated to the advancement of men and women in water resources management, research, and education.

American Water Works Association (AWWA)
An international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.

Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators (ASIPCA)
ASIWPCA is an independent, nonpartisan organization of state and interstate water program managers. ASIWPCA members represent the state and interstate professionals who, on a daily basis, implement surface and groundwater quality management programs.

Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC)
GWPC is a nonprofit organization whose members consist of state and federal ground water agencies, industry representatives, environmentalists and concerned citizens to mutually work toward the protection of the nation’s ground water supplies.

RÉSEAU environnement
RÉSEAU environnement is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of technology and science, the promotion of expertise, and the support of environmental activities of municipalities and environmental industries.

Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA)
The OSWCA represents sewer and watermain construction contractors across the province of Ontario, and promotes issues relevant to water system management, the environment, safety, contract terms, and engineering.

The Groundwater Foundation
The Groundwater Foundation was started so that citizens could learn ways that were scientifically accurate, but also user-friendly to protect and conserve groundwater resources.

Universities Water Information Network (UWIN)
UWIN is an Internet clearinghouse that is designed to act as a reliable, one-stop source of information for the water resources community.

Water Environment Federation (WEF)
WEF is a technical and educational organization. The WEF network includes water quality professionals from 32 countries.

Rocky Mountain Institute
Rocky Mountain Institute is an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of natural, human and other capital.

WaterReuse Association (WateReuse)
The WateReuse Association (WateReuse) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help its members create new sources of high quality water through water reuse, which is also referred to as water reclamation and water recycling.

Automatic Meter Reader Association (AMRA)
AMRA is a nonprofit association providing utilities information about innovative technologies that lead to improved operations, customer service and resource utilization.

Irrigation Association
The Irrigation Association is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting water and soil conservation through proper water management.

National Association of Water Companies
NAWC is the only national trade association that exclusively represents the private and investor-owned water utility industry.

National Water Resouces Association
The National Water Resources Association is a nonprofit federation of state organizations concerned with the appropriate management, conservation, and use of water and land resources on a national scope.

Canadian Water Resources Association
The Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) is a national organization of individuals and organizations interested in the management of Canada's water resources.

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