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Other regions of the world are looking to the Great Lakes Information Network as a model for pulling together stakeholders from different jurisdictions to share information about a single watershed. A network modeled after GLIN currently exists in the Baltic Sea region and similar initiatives are under development in the Upper Paraguay watershed in South America and the Gulf of Maine in New England, among others.

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BALtic Sea Region On-Line Environmental Information Resources for INternet Access (BALLERINA)
Affectionately referred to as GLIN's first sister, BALLERINA is an environmental gateway to the Baltic Sea region and its drainage area. The project is led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP/GRID-Arendal) and the Stockholm Marine Research Centre, with funding from the European Environment Agency, the ministries of environment in Norway and Sweden, and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.
A hydrological information system for the Upper Paraguay River Basin
In the southern hemisphere, the Organization of American States is partnering with the United Nations Environment Program and the World Bank on a Global Environment Facility (GEF) proposal for development of a hydrological information system for the Upper Paraguay River Basin. Emulating GLIN, the goal of the project is to develop and test a prototype river basin information system that can be widely applied to support decisionmaking related to water resources management. The transboundary basin of the Upper Paraguay River, shared by Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, is part of the Plata Basin that drains nearly one-fifth of the South American continent to the Atlantic Ocean. The Upper Paraguay River Basin incorporates the headwaters of the Plata Basin and one of the world's great wetlands, the Pantanal.
Gulf of Maine Environmental Information Exchange (GOMINFOEX)
The Gulf of Maine initiative is building incrementally on the broad base of activities presently underway for information management in the Gulf, which forms a somewhat closed coastal ecosystem with many internal linkages and social and economic benefits to residents in the surrounding coastal lands. By establishing an electronic environmental information exchange system, the Gulf of Maine seeks to promote the shared usage of environmental information among the various agencies, communities and individuals with an interest in ensuring long-term sustainable benefits from its coastal resources.
Border Information & Solutions Network (BISN)
BISN, a binational, regional NGO headquartered in Brownsville, Texas, is dedicated to promoting sustainable development of the U.S./Mexico border by enhancing collaboration and communication through the Internet. The development of a southern Texas regional information network based on the Great Lakes Information Network is extremely important to Texas for economic and environmental reasons.
Gulf of Mexico Information Network
The Gulf of Mexico Information Network is a developmental effort designed to make Gulf of Mexico ecosystem data and information readily available and to facilitate communications between parties involved in Gulf of Mexico projects and programs.

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Updated: December 16, 2017
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